Starting Residency: Some Free Online Resources

MD on Call and Lanthier are good tools to use to get started, but residency is not just medical; it’s also everything else around medicine. Learning, teaching, preparing for your own practice. Here’s a list of resources I came across that may be of interest to fans of our apps.
No need for introduction. This site was around before I started medical school and was already popular back then. Lots of helpful advice and an active forum.

Everyone should know Reddit, the best site ever to waste precious time looking at pictures of cute kittens and great memes. However, Reddit also has an active medical community, with a sub-reddit dedicated to residents (/r/residency). It’s a good forum for asking people about things you don’t otherwise want to ask people you know.

Life In The Fastlane
ECG library, procedure videos, podcast… A site I wish I had put together. The quality of the content is outstanding, all for free.

Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog
Next level in ECG interpretation. A cardiology keener’s dream come true.

NEJM procedure video database
What more is there to say?

CXR atlas
We added X-ray examples to the newest version of MD on Call to allow the user to have access to clinically meaningful X-rays quickly, but sometimes, we want to study using a complete library, and this is the best I have found. It hasn’t been updated since 2006, but let’s face it… X-rays haven’t changed much, so I assume it’s still current.

For our French-speaking residents, here’s a great summary from our Sherbrooke residents. It’s loosely based on MD on Call, but in French!

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