MD on Call is a medical application (app) targeted at young physicians and medical students. First released in 2009, MD on Call quickly climbed the App Store’s ranking to become one of the most successful medical app. Shortly after, it was featured by Apple on the front page of the Store, a rare occurrence for a medical app.

Now in its fourth major release, MD on Call continues its tradition of quick-to-read, efficient and useful medical content to help junior doctors on their first nights on call. It’s not meant to replace a textbook; it’s a quick bedside reference tool so the user can quickly assess a situation and make management decisions.

The app is divided in three main sections: Issues (common problems on call physicians face every night), Labs (managing common lab anomalies) and ECG. Users can also access tabs such as “Recents”, “Abbreviations” and “References”.

This most recent update builds on a more robust core, allowing for easier content update.